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Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare / Medical

When I click a medical article to read, I can only see the abstract. How can I read the full article?

We cannot provide access to proprietary paid content. The links take you to the publishers’ pages where you can either log in with your existing credentials or request access. Whenever possible, we point to open-access literature sources.

I want to use my doctor’s notes to do a search. Where can I find my medical file?

Ask your doctor how to get a hold of your file. They can either print it out for you or often even send it to you via email.

I am a healthcare professional. How can I use codiag in my day-to-day?

You can use our free codiagLab to discover literature and diagnoses that may relate to your patients. If you are interested in an ad-free private version or our physician-facing certified medical solution codiagPro, please reach out to us at [email protected]

I do not have health insurance and can’t afford going to the doctor. Can I self-medicate based on codiag’s top diagnosis result?

Please don’t do that. You should never make treatment decisions without the advice of a trained medical professional.

Could the medical articles show me disturbing content?

We won’t show any graphic details on our site but the medical article itself, when opened on the publisher’s site, may contain gory bits in some cases.

I am already diagnosed but I am not sure what treatment I want/need. How can codiag help me?

You can use codiag to discover articles that are relevant to your diagnosis. We are continuously updating our repository so that you can get to the latest research as early as possible.

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