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Frequently Asked Questions

Features & Functionality

I am not comfortable searching in English, can I use my own language to search?

On the top of our to-do list! We are working very hard to include this feature in the near future.

Why is codiag suddenly free to use for all?

Under the current circumstances with COVID-19, access to health information is crucial for all of us. We have decided to open up the platform to help alleviate some pressure on healthcare providers and hospitals who are working tirelessly dealing with the pandemic.

Is there a limit to the amount of searches I can do?

No. You can search as much as you like and adapt your search as you go along.

Can I search by keywords only?

There are many ways to search. You can list symptoms in keywords, full sentences, or even copy complete doctors notes from your medical file into the search field.

How can I see related articles to one particular diagnosis?

Next to each diagnosis is a link to see articles which match the diagnosis “show more articles”. This will lead you to more information on the condition.

How do I save or print my diagnosis list and relevant articles?

You can use the print function of your web browser to get a hardcopy of your results.

Does the codiag search work for kids too?

Of course! You filter your results by age groups by selecting the appropriate tag from the "Age" dropdown. You can also type below into the searchbox to search directly.

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