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Frequently Asked Questions


Can codiag tell me if I have COVID-19?

Only a medical test performed by a healthcare professional can tell you if you have the Coronavirus. If you have entered your symptoms in the search field and COVID-19 was in the diagnosis list, contact your healthcare provider to get tested. If you are uncertain if you have the virus, make sure you take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and those around you.

How likely is it that I have one of the diagnoses in the list on the first page?

The outcome of the search depends completely on your entry. Try to make your query as complete as possible to get the most accurate results. If you have one, you can even copy entire paragraphs of your doctor’s note into the search box.

I think I found my diagnosis, what do I do next?

Take your findings to your healthcare provider and discuss proper medical testing and next steps with them. If you want additional information, you can also use our literature search feature to discover medical articles on the topic.

Why do I see a different diagnosis list every time I add something to my search?

As you add more information to your query or apply different filters, the system gets a more concrete picture of your case and may change the literature and diagnoses shown to you.

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